Our team

We are one of the leading rehabilitation centers in the country that deals with people from all walks of life. We are proud to say that we have cured thousands of people and have helped them lead a normal life post-rehab.

We take pride in introducing various teams that make us one of the best rehab facilities

Psychiatrists: We have a team of well-qualified psychiatrists who are qualified doctors themselves who have specialized in rehabilitation. We just don’t treat people superficially, we try to understand the reasons why a person has become an addict and try to work on the root cause of the issue so that the addiction does not come back later in life.

Doctors: We have a team of doctors who take care of the physical health of the patients. Normally when someone has abused a substance then it is common for one or more of the internal organs to have taken a hit. This team of doctors do a thorough examination of the internal organs and work to restore normalcy.

Support team: We have an experienced team of nurses who support our doctors. They very well understand that handling patients with addiction is not as simple as a handling a patient with an ailment. These people need special care and also one has to be a lot patient.

Facility Management: We also have a good administrative team that takes care of the logistics and hospitality of our facility. These folks take care of many important aspects of food management, visitor management, floor management etc.

Thus our team strives hard to ensure that we do not see a patient again once he is rehabilitated and is free from drug abuse or any other addiction that he or she may have had. If you know anyone who has a problem, bring them to us we will take care of them and send them out as a new person.